Getting Started

How many movers do I need?

The amount of movers that you would need depends on the amount of work needed to be done. Being honest over the phone is very important for the company when they decide how many movers to send you, you may think saving a buck is the smart idea by hiring two movers to move a 800 pound safe but we value and treasure our employees and we take steps in insuring that they return back to the lot unharmed.

When booking your move with one of our professionals make sure that you specify as much as possible about your move including any heavy articles such as pianos, statues or safes.

What do I need to do before my movers arrive?

If possible, make a clear path so that the movers can move through your residence with ease, depending on the number of movers you hire and your living space, it might get crowded. Make sure you let your building management know exactly what date and time the movers will be there in case they have to prepare an elevator for the movers to use.

Get all your documents and any important paperwork in one place and make sure you know where it is. Once the moving process begins its easy to misplace things.

Do I need to get an estimate before I move?

Not necessarily, depending on the size of your move you may not need an estimate. Every moving company has a minimum amount of hours which they charge for regardless of how little they did. For example, if you are moving just one bedroom you obviously don't need to worry about estimates and you can just go with the hourly rate.

However, when moving an entire household it is always a smart idea to get at least 3 different estimates from 3 different companies and use your best judgement to decide which one to go with. Globus Moving LLC offers free in-house estimates, give us a call at (866)445-8434 to schedule an appointment today!


Are my goods covered by the company at all?

Yes, every move is covered by a .60 cents/lb/article evaluation. This means in the event of furniture getting damaged, whatever the weigh of the article (in pounds) multiply that by .60 and that is how much the company is liable for by law. There are also other options available but those options are not free of charge.

General Questions

Am I allowed to tip the movers?

Most definitely! Moving is tough especially in the heat. While you are not required to tip, it sure goes a long way when showing the movers your appreciation for the hard work they put in.

How can I check if my movers are licensed?

You can check the validity of any moving company here in California by going to the California Public Utilities Commission website and looking up the transportation carrier by their PUC number - MTR0191121.

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Services We Offer

Accurate moving estimates.
Professional packing and unpacking.
Disassembly/reassembly of furniture.
Piano & large appliance moving.
Fully equipped trucks.
Reliable & trained movers.
Proper moving equipment.
Professional protection of furniture.

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Thank you Globus Moving for helping my son and I move! I would recommend you to anyone who asks. From the first call made to the end of my move, we were stress free! Love the customer service. Keep up the great work!

  -Yana K.

I don't normally write reviews but I have learned that people really do listen to these reviews and I wanted to let others know that this is a good moving company that I would highly recommend.

  -Anastasia S.

Their moving crew showed up early in the morning, moved all the household items such as furniture and electronics with great care. They were quick and left plenty of time to disassemble beds, book cases, and drawers...

  -Anthony R.