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Moving Checklist

Moving is a very stressful task and overlooking or forgetting to do a few important tasks before you move is almost impossible to avoid. Having a comprehensive checklist will help you stay organized and on top of things.

Below is a comprehensive checklist put together by our moving specialists to help you get organized before you relocate.

   1. Designate a folder for moving

Whether you prefer to use a physical folder or a folder on your computer, make sure to designate a place where you will keep all of your estimates, change order forms and receipts. Having it stored in the cloud such as Google Drive or Drop Box is the best choice, you never know if you may need to access it and your folder gets lost or your computer malfunctions.

   2. Get quotes or schedule estimates

Almost every moving company offers free moving quotes or in-home estimates. The difference is that a quote will tell you how much the company will charge per hour according to how many movers/trucks you would like to hire. An in-home estimate is usually done by making an appointment with a moving company for one of their moving specialists to come into your home, assess the moving project, and give you a detailed comprehensive estimate which usually includes the total “not to exceed” price. You should always consider getting estimates from at least 3 different companies before you make your final decision.

   3. Ask lots of important questions

When booking your move or when talking to the moving specialist while getting your estimate make sure you confirm a few things with them because some of them may add to the cost of the move.

Do they charge extra for long walks?

Do they charge extra for stairs/steps?

Do they charge extra for heavy/bulky items such as safes or pianos?

Do they charge extra for using their moving blankets?

Do they charge extra for non-reusable protective material?

Do they offer insurance for damaged goods?

   4. Read all documents carefully

Before you sign anything, make sure to read through all the documents that you are asked to sign by the moving company. While we pride ourselves in being completely honest and upfront with our customers, we have heard of horror stories from other sources within the business sphere. Moving companies hired three or more days in advance must provide you with a copy of their moving services agreement, and also an Important Notice About Your Move document, and the Important Information For Persons Moving Household Goods (within California) booklet. The booklet provides rules and regulations that a moving company must follow and information about your rights.

   5. Host a garage sale/ sell things online

Nobody wants to move to their beautiful new home and drag all the things they don’t need along with them. Not only will it cost you more money but you will also need to deal with where to put them in the new home. Host a garage sale or sell anything that you want to get rid off on apps such as Offer Up.

   Take time off work

Make sure to schedule a day off ahead of time with your employer. We recommend a Friday so that you have the rest of the weekend to deal with the moving process.

   Talk to your building management

In many cases, you must “reserve” a spot for your moving truck with the building management. It is always easier for your movers to do their job not having to worry about where to park or having to block a narrow road. It may also be helpful to communicate with your building management in the case that you may need to reserve an elevator for your movers to use.

   Consider a pet day-care service

It is just as stressful for your loving pets to move as it is for you, and the last thing you need is for your pets to be freaking out while the moving process is taking place. Consider finding a local pet day-care service that will take care of your pets while you handle the moving day.

   Make sure your moving company is legit

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is for you to choose a company that is legitimately licensed within the state that you are moving. Just because you think you got a good price it doesn’t mean your belongings will arrive to your new destination. Click here to check your moving company’s US-DOT number to make sure they are who they say they are.

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